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What’s so Good about Australia?

There’s a great quote by Late Steve Irwin that “People are not going to travel thousands of miles just to get a café latte in the Australia, there are much more than this like Kangaroos, Wombats, Beaches, Rainforests and many more. Australia travel packages are the perfect option for nature (environment) lovers.

If you are a travel lover and fond of long travel roads then Australia could be the only destination that has huge long roads. It is a land of Sun, Nature and those endless stretches of the surf beach. Weather is one of the most important factors for travelling and Australia has a very comfortable weather for most of the months. It varies greatly and there are four seasons across the country with a very wet and dry season in the tropical North.

From the parties to beaches and unique animals to the endless swimming spots and amazing hotels makes it the best destination to hang around the world.

In the Australia there are literally so many places to swim that makes it a nation of beachgoers with the lovely coastline. Flying high, hidden depths, sitting pretty, The City Swim, Chill out and many other places are the best one to swim with all of the adventure and excitement. There are 11,000 beaches and 500 national parks from which you can choose. Whitsunday Island that is made up of 74 island wonders is continuously voted in the top 10 world’s best batches.

Anyone can climb the highest rock in the world in Western Australia and no one really cares!

Eat Avocados or drink every day without caring for anyone. Another interesting thing is you can eat the country’s national emblem. Every state has its own landscapes. It is always a fun to explore new things on a daytrip. More than one million people visit the Australian war memorial in the Canberra each year that is names in the Nation’s top attraction in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards. It is a travel heaven and we all should visit there once for least.

Australia’s capital threw a birthday party with the day off work and free concerts and set up world’s longest champagne bar, isn’t that’s too amazing… J Many lakes are pink in color due to the presence of algae and prawns. There are more kangaroos than humans in the Australia and don’t worry, they all are safe. Hope this information is enough to book Australia Vacations Packages with clayplay.